Dramatic Arts Interdisciplinary Master Programe With Thesis Program

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General Information This program aims to respond to the needs of researchers and also professionals who want to deepen professional activities. It has got different disciplines which is related with drama like performing arts, cinema, TV, advertisement. As a focal point drama, provides various subdisciplines like dramatic writing, directing, acting, creative drama, ludology, criticism. In addition to the compulsory and elective courses in this program have an atelier. Students prepares the artistic project which is required for graduation in the atelier. Admission Requirements So as to be admitted to the program, candidates should have a bachelor’s degree from relevant fields of study such as; arts, design and humanities. Applicants must get the required score from ALES (Examination for Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education) or equivalent grade from GMAT or GRE exams as well as certifying their foreign language proficiencies. The applicants who fulfill the requirements above are given an examination by the Institue of Social Sciences at beginning of each semester. The ones who achieve this exam are admitted to the program. Graduation Requirements So as to be granted a degree, students must successfully complete the courses offered by the program and reach 120 ECTS credits in total, achieve the final project exam, and successfully complete a scientifically valid master’s thesis approved by an academic jury.


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Dramatic Arts Interdisciplinary Master Programe With Thesis

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