Doç.Dr. İrfan Kaya ÜLGER
Head of Deparment

The purpose of our doctoral and masters programs, in which indepth and current academic research is done, is to provide students with a vocational and scientific formation. In this respect the goals of our programs are:

- To create works contributing to the field of international relations of science,

- To train at the level of expertise in the field of international relations,

- As for Turkey's EU membership, to grow scholars having proficiency of political, economic, social and cultural analysis and assessment,

- To educate experts in the field of EU policy and EU law,

- To analyze the policies of the major world powers towards our region,

- To analyze the changing security environment,

- To develop solution proposals to political, economic, socio-cultural, and other problems of Turkey and analyze by scientific methods,

- To research Turkey’s relations with the Balkans, Caucasia, Central Asia and Middle East and develop solution proposals,

- To develop security strategies against global and regional threats,

- To analyze the policies of energy, technology, and economy for sustainable development of Turkey.

Announcements About Main Dicipline And Sub Programs

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  • European Union Politics and International Relations Master Programe With Thesis
  • Political History Master Programe With Thesis
  • International Relations Master Programe With Thesis
  • International Relations Doctorate

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