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Kocaeli University is one of the leading institutions of higher education in Turkey with its distinguished academic staff, increasing numbers of students and constantly evolving past. The Institute of Social Sciences was founded within Kocaeli University according to the concept of “institution” defined briefly in the Law 2547 as an institute of higher education engaged in graduate education and teaching, and scientific research and application in the areas of  related disciplines and has started education on October 1993. However having moved to Arslanbey Campus on September 1998, it was seriously demaged by 17 Agust earthquake. In the academic year of 1999, after moving to Hereke Campus, it was recovered in a very short period and has started  the facilities of education, training and scientific research and publication. On October 2004, it was moved to Umuttepe Campus and has continued to develop with a strong determination. While holding to develop and grow in scientific researches and publications in 23 fields of science and art with 36 graduate and 15 doctorate programmes, it considers several factors like scientific and technological changes, social developments and profits, student needs, and etc. It aims to train contemporary and innovative students being conscious of  tasks and responsibilities for the Republic of Turkey in accordance with Atatürk’s principles and revolutions. Furthermore, our institution  depending on  the fundamental values of our university aims at -Having strong university- graduate solidarity and close cooperation with business world,   - Supporting the efforts of academic and administrative staff to perform their own goals,   -Providing identification of all staff with the vision of our university,   -Producing universally valuable knowledge,   -Improving scientific activities


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